• 1977


    The Crossland Way: “Doing the right thing regardless”

    When making a decision (whether we say it or not,) we all try to do it how Ivan Sr., founder of Crossland Construction, would have done it. He was a man who embodied integrity. When struggling with something, we seem to always ask ourselves, “What would Red Iron do?” That’s all that needs to be said in order for us to do it the right way…The Crossland Way.

  • 1978


    Building a Legacy

    Ivan joined with two friends to form SEK Construction, where he remained until selling his share of the partnership in 1977. In 1978, he and the family formed Crossland Construction. With humble beginnings and starting out in the family’s Columbus, Kansas garage, Crossland Construction is now one of the largest family-owned construction companies. With his wife Virginia and son Mike on board, Ivan began erecting metal buildings around the region; the rest of the family would eventually join in as well. Most importantly, Crossland Construction grew the way Red Iron wanted it to… one relationship at a time.

  • 1979


    Building Relationships

    Crossland formed what would eventually be a long and lasting relationship with J&M Farms in Miami, Oklahoma. Since their first teamed-up project, a 75,000 sq. ft. steel building, Crossland completed nearly four dozen projects with J&M Farms throughout the next thirty years.

  • 1980


    Starting from Scratch

    There were only three people working for the company at this time in 1980.  Ivan Sr. started looking for work and talking to people to see what was out there.  At one point, a guy he did previous work for wanted to know if Crossland could erect some buildings for him.

    “At first, Ivan was kind of hesitant that we didn’t have the manpower to do that kind of work,” stated Virginia Crossland, wife of Ivan Sr.  “I told him we could get the manpower.  Needless to say, getting the jobs wasn’t so easy back then!”

    Once completing that particular job, erecting metal buildings became the bread and butter for Crossland for the next eight years, and that kept the company going.  From there, some conventional buildings, schools and a few bigger jobs started coming into play.

    “We were always excited when we got a big job because we were able to employ a few more people,” stated Virginia Crossland.

  • 1981


    Little Goals Lead to Big Ones

    Back in the day, the ‘small, family-owned Crossland Construction’ would go to a job and the size of it could easily become overwhelming.  The jobs were huge to all who worked for Crossland at the time.  The crews would go in to these enormous projects and break them into smaller goals.  Once a goal was met, you moved on to the next smaller goal.  Regardless, the men never let the size of the job overwhelm them.

  • 1982


    Core Values

    No matter how big or small a job may be, we are always reminded of our core values: Trust, Responsibility, Integrity and Passion.

  • 1983



    Our mission serves one overall goal:  To provide our clients with quality, superior service and cost effective construction methods.  We want our customers to share a pleasant building experience and receive the best possible product for their construction dollar.

  • 1984


    A Firm Foundation

    Crossland Construction was the second bidder on a school located in Afton, Oklahoma.  The school board recognized that we had included a foundation for the steel building within our bid, whereas the low bidder did not.  In our interview with the board, Ivan Sr. was asked how much we would take off the bid if we did not have the concrete footing.

    Ivan simply stated, “Why don’t you give it to the other guy.  I don’t put up a building without a good foundation.”

    In spite of Ivan’s honesty, the school board gave the job to us.

  • 1985


    Deal Me In

    “Ivan Sr. was very competitive, although in a quiet sense.  He didn’t like to lose and the bidding process was like a poker match to him.  Second bidder to dad just meant he had to negotiate a little harder.  He was such a good negotiator that sometime we’d get the job even if we were second bidder,” stated Bennie Crossland.  “That competitiveness shined through in everything that he did.”

  • 1986


    Driving Home the Deal

    Ivan Jr. was sitting in a meeting with Ivan Sr. and the CEO of a company.  In the middle of the meeting, the CEO said his wife had a car she needed to sell.  Without thinking twice, Ivan Sr. immediately said, “We’ll take it.  Ivan needs a new car.”

    When the meeting was over, Ivan Jr. looks at his dad and says, “I don’t need that car.”

    Ivan Sr. responded, “You need that car because we need that job.  We’re buying the car and we’re going to get that job.”

    They bought the car… and they got the job.

  • 1987


    Setting the Bar High

    Goal setting to Ivan Sr. was a daily occurrence.  The minute you got out of the truck at the jobsite, he’d set a goal for the day.  At one instance, he wanted to hang four stories of steel in one day.

    His crew would look at him and say, “We don’t have a crane; it’s not going to get here until noon.”

    But if Ivan Sr. set a goal, they all knew they were staying for however long it took to get it done.

  • 1988


    Unique Vision

    Ivan Sr. had a tremendous vision, but not in the way you think about a vision from a business perspective. If you were looking for vision from a strategic point of view, he didn’t have it. But he had a vision for what people could become. He would always know all the good things about a worker. Knowing the good (and the bad) allowed him to help employees grow and change. His vision was in people, not in numbers or in dollars. Crossland Construction’s growth is contributed to greatly by Ivan’s vision for his people.

  • 1989


    Building Ahead

    “We were in Caney, Kansas bidding for a school project. This was one of our first really big jobs. We put our bid together, went to the school board meeting to present it, and…we finished second.” As we were handing the plans back to the architect, he said, “You may want to hang on to these.” Well that was like waving a red flag in front of a bull, and dad was the bull. So he went back in to negotiate. His negotiating mode was simple: just talk to people. We finished second in the bidding, but we ended up working our way into first position and getting the job.” – stated, Bennie Crossland.

  • 1990


    Keeping Optimistic

    As business continued to build, life was beginning to change for Red Iron, his family, and the company. In 1990, he was diagnosed with cancer. While he had always seen his sons as the future of the company, he realized the future was now. While retaining the title of CEO, he trained his sons to take over the business. There is always sunshine above the clouds and always a positive way to look at a situation. Being positive is a mindset anyone can develop if they will work and grow.

  • 1991


    The Right Guy

    “Ivan Sr. had his way with people that we called the Red Iron Charm. We had a bid on a school in Joplin and they were interviewing three companies to build it. As we were getting ready to leave the interview, Dad stuck his head back into the boardroom and said, “If we don’t do business together and something goes wrong, remember, it’s your fault.” They asked us to come back in the room and they told us, “We’re not going to interview anyone else. We feel you can do the job and we want you to do it.”

  • 1992


    A Team Effort

    Dad was all about the team. Everyone brought something to the table. As the company grew, Ivan Sr. never took credit. He had six boys and together they were able to make the company grow bigger. When the company got to the point that it was as big as he could get it, the boys took it further. Ivan Sr. would always humbly say, “In my lifetime, I’d never believe that all these people would work for me.”

  • 1993


    A Heavy Venture

    Crossland decided to venture into a new segment of the construction market. The result was the establishment of Crossland Heavy Contractors, Inc. The first project at Crossland Heavy consisted of bridge projects, plant work and smaller civil projects.

  • 1994


    Giant Steps

    Crossland was awarded their highest award to date at the time, the $23.5 million Pittsburg State University Technology Center. Their biggest job previous to that was a $6 million job, so this was a giant step for Crossland. We planned for two years to bid the job. When the bid process came along, Crossland was the low bidder. Getting this project was the pinnacle of Ivan Sr.’s career. That job set the foundation for us to become a bigger contractor. It got everyone’s attention; we were able to attract the people after that and it gave us the confidence of knowing we could do big jobs. Crossland also decided to open up a branch in Northwest Arkansas this year which eventually turned out to be one of the company’s most successful ventures.

  • 1995


    Awards of Excellence

    Crossland receives an “Award of Excellence” from the State of Kansas for community contribution, business expansion and job creation for the State of Kansas. OSHA training begins on the job sites (this was the beginning of a major transformation in Crossland Construction’s job safety and training for its employees).

  • 1996


    Breaking Ground

    The 32,000 square foot project for Darwin Industries was not let out to bid as it is usually done. The company entrusted Ivan Crossland Sr. because of his years of experience and outstanding reputation in the industry. People knew that Ivan Sr.’s word really meant something. He grew up with the idea that a handshake was a man’s word. When you gave a guy your handshake, or your word, you did it. Whatever you told that guy you were going to do, even if you lose money doing it, you did it. You have to meet the schedule because you said you would. If you have to work 24 hours to meet that schedule, you work 24 hours. That’s the one thing he would never compromise on: you never go back on your word.

  • 1997


    Awarding Performance

    Bennie Crossland named President of Kansas AGC. As president he served as a spokesman for the state’s larger commercial and industrial building construction trade organization. Crossland was also recognized for three projects by the AGC: award of merit for the Galena School District’s performing arts center; pre-engineered award of honor for the Pittsburg State University McCray Hall; and Overman Student Center and Kansas Business Award.

  • 1998


    Tulsa Office

    Crossland opened its doors to their new branch office in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Later, in 2008, they built their new office shown here.

  • 1999


    Arkansas Full Speed Ahead

    The Arkansas Division moves full speed ahead and Crossland finds itself in the midst of one of the biggest booming areas in the United States. On July 1, 1999 the Arkansas Division moved into their new offices located in Rogers, Arkansas.

  • 2000


    Celebrating a Goal

    When we set a goal around here, everyone believes we can get there, no matter how big the goal is. One of the crowning achievements was making it into the Engineering News Record’s Top 400 contractors. We were number 400 exactly, but we did it!

  • 2001


    A Team Experience

    Crossland was chosen for Pittsburg State University’s $5.9 million addition to the Carnie Smith Football Stadium. Crossland is very grateful for all of the work at PSU and enjoys a good working relationship with them.

  • 2002


    Leaving a Legacy

    After a long battle, Ivan Crossland Sr. succumbed to cancer on June 2, 2002. His company continues to thrive with offices in Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. Looking back on his father’s legacy, first born son Bennie said: “Dad was the total package; we each have a little of him in us. It takes all of us to do what he did. If you take a step back and have a little perspective, it really is an amazing family. Having us all working together and pulling in the same direction is pretty impressive.”

    Ivan’s business philosophy was simple, “Build each building with care and make friends with your owner along the way.” That is exactly what he did. City by city and later state by state, Ivan Sr. made new friends. Though his business accomplishments receive the most recognition, it was Ivan’s love for his wife and then children and grandchildren that were his pride and joy.

  • 2003


    Forging On

    Ivan Sr. was the foundation and driving force of a great company. He lived the values and principles which made Crossland successful. The company is now led by his six sons (l to r) Curt Crossland, Vice President-Design Build; Bennie Crossland, President; Ivan Crossland Jr., C.E.O.; Mike Crossland, Vice President – Texas Division; Christopher Crossland, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development; Patrick Crossland, Vice President-Special Projects.

  • 2004


    LEEDing the Way

    Crossland completes the first LEED certified project in the state of Arkansas. The Blair Public Library in Fayetteville, Arkansas has opened the doors for Crossland to start “Going Green”. Crossland and subcontractors not only recycled all of the aluminum, plastic, paper, and newspaper items, but also recycled the dirt and restocked steel among other efforts. The design also meets higher standards of energy efficiency.

  • 2005

    Crossland Education LogoNEW2005

    Excellence in Education

    Crossland constructs its largest school to date, the Springdale Har-Ber High School. Crossland Construction has a long history of building schools. Our first major projects were all schools. We have completed over $350 million in successful projects from grade schools to universities. Crossland has focused on fundaments of success in building school projects…quality, schedule, cost, and relationships. This formula of success led to a lot of our repeat business and a reputation as one of the “Best” school contractors in the area.

  • 2006


    The Sky is the Limit

    The company had growth of 37%, worked in 32 different states and completed over 200 projects. Crossland set records in concrete slab pours, steel tonnage, and cubic yards of dirt on a single site. We made it into the Top 150 contractors in the U.S., Top 50 in Concrete (#20 in commercial concrete) and ranked among the largest metal building contractors (#7) in Metal Construction News. We were also the only contractor in the United States to earn the National Trade Education Award.

  • 2007


    A Year of Milestones

    November marks our 30th year in the business. We have new offices in Prosper, Texas underway (with a completion date of May 2008). Our education program is moving forward and is going to be one of the best in the United States. We completed a 12,000 square foot addition to the corporate office and the Arkansas crew just moved into their state-of-the-art office in Rogers. Crossland ranked nationally (#139) among ENR’s largest contractors in the U.S. and among the largest Hispanic owned companies in the U.S. (#17). We have come a long way from our start in the family garage.

  • 2008

    DSCF6214 Gray2008

    Expanding our Horizons

    We opened two new offices, one in Wichita, Kansas and one in Prosper, Texas. (Go Longhorns!) Crossland launched a new sustainability program which led to our Rogers, Arkansas office being awarded “Greenest Office” in Northwest Arkansas. A new safety program reduced our number of accidents by 50%. We were awarded Kansas Governor’s Award of Excellence and Kansas 2008 Business Appreciation Award for Successful Workforce Practices. Crossland is ranked #145 among ENR Magazine’s Top Contractors for South Central Construction Magazine at #12 and in the Top 500 Hispanic owned companies.

  • 2009


    The Biggest Reward

    Many achievements happened for Crossland despite economic conditions, but the biggest reward for us was working together. Generations two and three; working to build a bigger and better company that was entrusted to us. Rather than focusing on the economic downturn, we were able to focus on the things that made us great. Giving our customers honesty and amazing service that compares to no one.

    “Let’s give our customers honesty and amazing service that compares to no one. Let’s be the best communicators in the world, always focused on the positive. Let’s be dedicated, responsive, polite, hardworking, smart, safe, well-educated, and most of all humble. If we focus on these things we won’t have to worry about backlog or the economy; because the world is starving for these kinds of characteristics. If we can abide by these things, they will be knocking down our door. So remember the simple truths that we were founded on, and we will leave everything we touch a little better.”– Chris Crossland (Executive Vice President)


  • 2010

    PSU Weede Gym Remodel2010

    Well Trained

    To be well trained is essential, that’s why Crossland Construction was chosen to construct the Missouri Western State University Indoor Practice Facility, which is also the summer home to the NFL’s Kansas City Chiefs for their pre-season training camp. This facility allows the Chiefs to return to Missouri for the first time in 20 years and serves as the fifth training campsite in the 50-year history of the football team.

  • 2011


    Disaster Relief

    Tragedy struck the midwest as two tornados badly damaged Tuscaloosa, AL and Joplin, MO. Thousands of homes and businesses were destroyed with over 500 fatalities combined. Crossland crews were on the scene to assist in search and rescue efforts and to coordinate heavy equipment, tools, and manpower. Our employees arrived in residential areas to help residents who were trying to return onto their damaged properties. They cleared trees, moved vehicles, and created paths to damaged homes. More than 60 employees from Crossland Construction and Crossland Heavy worked around the clock after the tornado struck. All crews in Joplin continue to work tirelessly on cleanup and reconstruction efforts with the common goal to rebuild even better and stronger than before.

    Possessions will be replaced. Together we will rebuild and we will come back even stronger.” – Ivan Crossland (CEO)


  • 2012

    2012-08-09 16-edit2012

    Reaching New Heights

    Crossland Construction hit new heights in Denver, Colorado, with a new office space in the Denver Financial Building. This new Crossland Northwest Regional Office is located on the seventeenth floor of the Uptown Denver building, a high-rise just three blocks from the State Capital. Crossland also expanded their geographic footprint with the addition of C.C.C.’s 8th Division office in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. As Crossland’s second office in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma City Division services clients in the OKC/Edmond metropolitan area.



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